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Purpose is appealing, but it's not the right tool for everyone at every time. Meet instructors Nell and Zach, and read on below, to see whether this course is what you need to get where you want to be in 2020 and beyond!

There's an awful lot of talk about purpose these days, but it can feel vague, abstract, or even hypocritical. 

Our approach is very action-oriented, based on our belief that purpose can be found in any job, from  janitorial work to executive leadership. If you're looking for guidance zeroing in on your purpose and then activating it within the realities of your current life and work, you are in the right place.

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What You'll Get

This course is designed to guide participants through the process of identifying, refining, and activating a purpose statement. We use academic research, PurposeMatch algorithms, and insights from decades of deep purpose work to make the process accessible, action-oriented, and manageable within your current life and work!.

  • A customized PurposeMatch report, with your unique Strength and Impact areas ($99 value)

  • Guidance to activate your PurposeMatch report in your current work and life

  • A personalized one-year plan to improve your professional and personal performance by activating your purpose

  • Downloadable resources & tools to use during the course and beyond, by yourself or with colleagues

  • The Invisible Leader eBook download ($9.99 value)

Could those tools get you where you want to be in 2020?

We've seen them work for 100s of people, of widely varying ages, functions, industries, and backgrounds.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Module 1: The Journey to Lasting Impact

    • Module 1, Lesson 1: The Ongoing Journey between Impact-Meaning-Purpose (7:21)

    • Module 1, Lesson 2: How Impact, Meaning, And Purpose Are Different (And Why You Should Care) (7 minute read)

    • Module 1, Lesson 3: Purpose As The Foundation For Impact (19:20)

    • Module 1, Lesson 4: The Neuroscience Of Purpose (4 minute read)

    • Module 1, Lesson 5: The Invisible Leader, Chapters 1 & 2 (20 minute read)

    • Module 1, Lesson 6: Impact Is Everywhere: The Spectrum of Impact (6:36)

    • Module 1, Lesson 7: The Spheres of Impact (9:07)

    • Module 1, Lesson 8: Impact Brainstorm (7-10 minute activity)

    • Module 1, Lesson 9: Kristy Wallace, CEO, Ellevate (24:50)

    • Module 1, Lesson 9 (audio only): Kristy Wallace, CEO, Ellevate (24:29)

    • Module 1, Lesson 10: The Path To Purpose Overview (3:24 video plus supporting PDF)

  • 3

    Module 2: Discover and Clarify Purpose

    • Module 2, Lesson 1: Where Purpose Comes From (6:24)

    • Module 2, Lesson 2: The Invisible Leader, Chapters 5 & 6 (25 minute read)

    • Module 2, Lesson 3: Webinar with Klay Williams (33:24 min video)

    • Module 2, Lesson 3 (audio only): Webinar with Klay Williams (33:24 min listen)

    • Module 2, Lesson 4: PurposeMatch Overview (8:36)

    • Module 2, Lesson 5: Strengths and Impact Areas (9:02)

    • Module 2, Lesson 5 (audio only): Strengths and Impact Areas (9:02)

    • Module 2, Lesson 6: What Makes A Compelling Purpose Statement (9:43)

    • Module 2, Lesson 7: Complete PurposeMatch (20-30 minute survey)

    • Module 2, Lesson 8: Analyze Your Purpose Statement (20-45 minute exercise)

    • Module 2, Lesson 9: Reflecting On Your PurposeMatch Report (5:47)

    • Module 2, Lesson 10: PurposeMatch Debrief (10-30 Minute Activity)

  • 4

    Module 3: Align And Deliver Purpose In Work And Life

    • Module 3, Lesson 1: The Path To Transformation (3:57)

    • Module 3, Lesson 1 (audio only): The Path To Transformation (3:57)

    • Module 3, Lesson 2: Purposeful Visioning (8:00 with PDF download)

    • Module 3, Lesson 3: Activating Purpose in Work (7:06)

    • Module 3, Lesson 3 (audio): Activating Purpose In Work (7:06)

    • Module 3, Lesson 4: Get Familiar With A Purposeful Mindset (5 min review of PDF)

    • Module 3, Lesson 5: Justin Salisbury, Breeze Thru Car Wash (26:21)

    • Module 3, Lesson 6: How To Connect Your People To Purpose, And Why It's Vital (8 minute read)

    • Module 3, Lesson 7: Why You Can Make An Impact From Any Role At Any Company (7 minute read)

    • Module 3, Lesson 8: Conduct a Purposeful Job Review (20-45 minute exercise)

    • Module 3, Lesson 9: Job Crafting Exercise (10-15 minutes)

    • Module 3, Lesson 10: Revisiting The My Why™️ Impact Dashboard (6:00)

    • Module 3, Lesson 11: The Spheres of Impact (9 minute read)

    • Module 3, Lesson 12: Purposeful Possibilities (10-20 minute activity)

    • Module 3, Lesson 13: Review your PurposeMatch Debrief report (5 min review)

  • 5

    Module 4: Looking Forward: My Purpose Plan

    • Module 4, Lesson 1: Getting Started: The Fun Parts! (6:22)

    • Module 4, Lesson 2: Purposeful Habits (5-15 minute activity)

    • Module 4, Lesson 3 (audio only): Habits: How They Form And How To Break Them (NPR: 38 minute listen)

    • Module 4, Lesson 4: How To Get 1% Better Every Day (8:04 minute video)

    • Module 4, Lesson 5: Kika Burhmann, VP B2B, Nespresso USA (31:56)

    • Module 4, Lesson 5 (audio): Kika Buhrmann, VP, B2B, Nespresso USA (31:55)

    • Module 4, Lesson 6: Designing Your Year-Long Purpose Plan (15-60 minute activity)

    • Module 4, Lesson 7: Tips to Realize Your Purpose Plan (7 minute review)

    • Module 4, Lesson 8: Find a Purpose Mentor (10-30 minute activity)

    • Module 4, Lesson 9: Next Steps: Making Commitments, Ongoing Reflection, And Iteration (16:20)


Nell Derick Debevoise

Nell Derick Debevoise, speaker, writer, and Founder and CEO of Inspiring Capital, AKA the inspiration cowgirl, wrangles careers and business models to align profit and purpose. She spent ten years on 4 continents, helping leaders of all levels identify and grow their potential impact, collaborating across sectors with Japanese executives, Palestinian community leaders, French high school students, and Mozambique education ministry officials among others. In 2011, she returned to New York and founded her company, Inspiring Capital, as a certified B Corp that activates professionals and organizations to power purposeful growth. She lives at Muse Farm in Bedford, NY, where she’s thrilled to be quite literally getting back in the saddle after decades of city living!

Zach Mercurio

Zach has spent the last decade researching purpose and meaningfulness, while helping individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations around the world use the power of purpose and meaningfulness to unleash human potential to produce tangible results. He has done high-impact work with brands such as Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, The National Park Service, Crocs, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Telstra, as well as health and veterinary care industries, government, nonprofits, universities and K-12 schools. Zach spreads the message of purpose and meaningfulness internationally on his blog and in outlets such as Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Psychology Today, Thrive Global, and The Huffington Post, and a wide range of leadership and organizational development podcasts. Zach earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO where he continues to serve as a researcher and Adjunct Professor. Finally, Zach is a New Englander at heart (go Red Sox!), but I has lived in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and now Fort Collins, Colo. with an amazing wife, Erin, two sons, Tapley and Jaxon, and two quirky adopted dogs.

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